Tag: Distortion

B Destruction

A mix of various horror movies to come to this conclusion concept. B Destruction is a typeface inspired by the…


The union of geometric pieces with the wonderful art of typography, it had never been so fun.

JP Trazos

JP Trazos this is a creative option created by Jorge Perez (JP Designs)

Milak Font

Milak Font! With pen and pen strokes, Farid Montes, was born the idea of ​​creativity of Plasmar calligraphy a digital font…


Based on Zilap Font Team LJDS Zilap MUBA is an urban version of LJDS its acronym MU-sic urBAn….

The End

It is not the end of our sources, but it is the title chosen for this special edition source…

Brutal Night

Thinking of a good Halloween night, we created a version with a root brush…

No Vacancy

No Vacancy, is a collection of fonts (separately) designed by Luis Jaramillo…

Zilap Destiny

Many times we ask ourselves what the future will be like and our destiny…


Do we create a source from a fight called underground? – Maybe so be it, but not what you imagine.

Attack of blood

Jorge Perez returns with his dark sources ready to create brutal designs.


When it comes to aggressiveness and modern style, we believe that LETAL font is a good option. Heavy Metal, Death…

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